Complete direct-on-line motor control & protection.
Industry-leading space claim. Most compact solution in its class!
A cost effective motor management solution for mobile electric plants.

Safe, reliable control of a contactor (motor starter) 
Built-in 3-Phase motor current monitoring and temperature monitoring.
Real-time configurable manual or automatic motor protection.

Electrical installation and maintenance has never been easier.

Factory-assembled cable assembly already takes care of CAN bus, contactor wiring and PT100 temperature sensor interfaces. 

Wiring has never been so easy.

In case of a cable failure a replacement cable harness can be installed in a few minutes.  

High Quality, Mine-Duty Connector Assembly with gold-plated pins.

Ordering Information

UberMate 2.0 – 110VAC Digital Inputs Part Number: L11Eø1ø1

UberMate 2.0 – 24VDC Digital Inputs Part Number: L11Eø2ø1