IsoMate is used to measure leakage (isolation) resistance of 3-phase inductive load (AC motors, transformers, etc).


  • Suitable from AC 380V up to 3.3KV Mains lines.
  • Optimised from 100 kilo-ohms to 10 mega-ohms (usable from 10 kilo-Ohms to 100 mega-Ohms).
  • Test voltage: DC3000V ~ DC4000V. Test current: <400uA
  • Line Voltage detection. Detection threshold ~AC200V
  • Robust CANopen protocol for automated testing.
  • Autonomous safety – can directly control UberMate.


Two M12-5 (male + female) as per CiA-303.1 + two HV flying leads terminals to Mains line connection.

Ordering Information

Part Number: L11J5ØØ1

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