Pempek’s Intelligent Collector Protects Against Data Loss.
Data disconnection? No data lost with the Pempek Orchid unit.


  • Provides a point of collection from a number of sources.
  • Has on board, data buffer.
  • Data connection can be down for up to five days without data loss.
  • Once reconnected, collector will feed stored and live data simultaneously.
  • EIP functionality setup.
  • Diagnostic tool useful to validate system setup and health checks.
  • Two isolated network adapters.
  • Can act as a gateway between mine and machine network.

Typical Application

  • Continuous Miners
  • Continuous Haulage
  • Long Wall Shearers
  • Mobile Bolters
  • Mobile Roof Supports
  • Remote Control Scoops
  • Remote Control Loaders
  • Shuttle Cars
  • Feeder Breakers


Ordering Information

Ordering Information
Data Collector Orchid
Part Number: L11KØ1Ø1