Obelix Industrial Solenoid Module 

The L0NT Industrial Solenoid I/O Module range is designed to directly support 24VDC Solenoid applications together with a range of other I/Os. Additional analogue and digital input support make for a highly integrated I/O module.

LØNTØ1Ø1  Industrial Solenoid Module A 

LØNTØ2Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module B 

LØNTØ3Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module C  

LØNTØ4Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module D 

LØNTØ5Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module E  

LØNTØ6Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module F  

LØNT07Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module G 

LØNTØ8Ø1 Industrial Solenoid Module H


Embedded 24VDC Solenoid Outputs
30 x Discreet Outputs
6 x Proportional Outputs
Switched Coil Supply & Return
Multi-Stage Diagnostic Monitoring
Sequential Switching Redundancy
Microprocessor Controlled 

Embedded Proximity Inputs
16 x 24VDC Proximity Inputs
Microprocessor Sampling

Embedded Counters Inputs
4 x Counter Inputs
2 x Configurable Count Inputs
20Hz to 6.5KHz
Quadrature Configurable. 

Embedded Analog Inputs
12 x 4-20mA Inputs
Microprocessor Sampling 

Embedded Digital Inputs
8 x 110VAC Digital Inputs
Microprocessor Sampling 

CAN Network
Opto-Coupler Isolation
CAN 2.0B Compatible 

Operates -10°C to +85°C
All industrial components 

Heavy Duty Enclosure
Electroless Nickel Plated
Rugged Construction 

Line Drawing
Typical Application
Interface Description