L0SS0101 Smart Radio Remote Console Touchscreen Charging Station 

The SS charging station is an intelligent, touch-screen appliance used for charging and testing intrinsically-safe (IS) radio remote consoles manufactured by Pempek Systems.  Up to four (4) remote consoles can be charged simultaneously from the charging station.  The charger also features a built in radio transceiver for console radio communications testing.


Multi-purpose battery charger

Diagnostic console and machine data logging gateway for Pempek’s range of hand-held radio remote control consoles

Typically installed at the mine surface

Charge up to four (4) remote consoles simultaneously

Intuitive touchscreen interface allowing the operator to browse charging and operational status of each connected console

A built-in radio data transceiver supports testing of the radio signal and function keys of the remote console before operators take it underground for the next working shift

When the console is plugged into the charge station at the end of the working shift this machine data is transferred to the internal hard disk of the charger.

The data remains on the charger for sixty (60) days

The data can be collected manually (using a USB-based memory device) or the charger can be configured to push the data automatically to a mine-managed or Pempek-managed data logging servers

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