DC Motor Drives

The L0MR 3-Phase 45kW SCR Drive is a precision drive module designed to support industrial DC drive applications such as Underground mining shuttle cars  without the need for external DC contactors or overload module support.

By utilising a rugged communications interface and advanced DSP technology, these drives represent the avant-garde in SCR DC drive technology.

DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW
Part Number: LØMRØ1Ø1

DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW - 350-volt Version
Part Number: LØMRØ3Ø1


Intelligent Digital SCR Drive

110V Control Logic Supply

240V RMS Drive Supply

Variable output to 300V in voltage mode

Variable output to 400A peak in current mode

Forward & Reverse Motor Control

Full Digital Signal Processor Control

True Closed Loop Control

Embedded Thermal Overload Protection

Embedded Phase Imbalance Protection

Embedded Phase Loss Protection

Embedded Diagnostics

Reports 3-Phase Line Voltage & Current

Shaft Encoder support for RPM measurement

External Temperature Measurement via two Wire PT100 support

Internal Temperature Measurement

Embedded 110VAC Relay Output

1 x N/C 110VAC Relay for Transformer Contactor isolation control
(Designed for in series wiring)

Microprocessor Controlled

CAN Network

Opto-Coupler Isolation

CAN 2.0B Compatible

Operates -10°C to +85°C

All industrial components

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Electroless Nickel Plated Mild Steel

Alodined Aluminum Heat Transfer Base

Rugged Construction

Line Drawing
Typical Application
Connector Assembly