Ex d LED Matrix Display

The L07H1401 Character Display is a fully integrated explosion proof display module. The L07H1401 combines a mix of industrial components and rugged manufacture making it suitable for all industrial applications where large character display technology is a must.

It can be utilised to display methane levels, motor currents, machine voltage, oil pressure, or any other quick reference numeric or character graphics.

Ex d LED Matrix Display
Part Number: LØ7H14Ø1


Explosive Proof Enclosure

• IEC/ATEX/MSHA Approved

CAN Network

• Opto-coupler Isolation

• CAN 2.0B Compatible

Operates -10OC to +85ºC

• All industrial components

Operates from standard 24VDC supply

Heavy Duty Enclosure

• Electros Nickel Plated

• Rugged Construction

Line Drawing
Typical Application