HFX Drill Rig Components

CMS15687 HFX Drill Head Chain Tensioner KIT

  • CMS15687 is a chain tensioner and TSRU Drill head retainer assembly for typical HFX drill rigs, used to mount the TSRU to the
  • feed cylinder slides.
  • One CMS15687 assembly is required for each Drill.
  • CMS15687 is typically used in conjunction with CMS15688 HFX TSRU Standoff Plate.
  • CMS15687 kit includes one each of CMS15691 + CMS15690 and all necessary seals, wear-strips and O rings.
  • Replacement seals wear-strips and O rings are available as a kit CMS15692.

CMS15688 HFX TSRU Standoff Plate

  • The CMS15688 is a universal adaptor for typical HFX drill
  • rigs that will correctly position the TSRU in relation to the
  • Timberjack head-plate.
  • One CMS15688 is required for each drill.
  • CMS15688 is used in conjunction with CMS15687 HFX Drill
  • Head Chain Tensioner KIT.
  • CMS15688 is delivered with all necessary O rings and
  • replacement parts are available as part of kit.

HFX Drill Head Chain Tension Kit
Part Number: CMS15687

HFX TSRU Standoff Plate
Part Number: CMS15688

For Aft Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
Part Number: CMS15685

In Out Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
Part Number: CMS15686

Cylinder Seal Kit for CMS15687
Part Number: CMS15692

Cylinder Seal Kit for CMS15688
Part Number: CMS15693