HMI Drill Rig Control Station

The L0WD HMI (Human Machine Interface) Control Station is an integrated graphics display and push-button control unit that is built into a rugged, stand-alone flameproof enclosure.

The product is intended to provide a user-friendly, and robust, user interface control station for mobile mining equipment that must be operated in so-called hazardous areas; where there is a risk of fire and explosion due to methane gas and coal dust.

The complete assembly is built into a self-contained flameproof enclosure (EX d Explosion Protection Certification); making it suitable for use in hazardous environments such as underground coal mining.

HMI Flameproof Drill Rig Control Station
Part Number: LØWDØ1Ø2


Compliant with IEC 60079.0 and IEC 60079.1 this flameproof HMI drill rig control module is designed for world-wide explosive atmosphere regulatory approval allowing it to be installed into any underground mining environment after certification assessment

The L0WD module consists of a flameproof enclosure, graphic display, flameproof buttons allowing operation through the polycarbonate material and flameproof connectors allowing easy field replacement of the unit in case of failure

The HMI drill rig control module is designed to be mounted on the machine in close vicinity of the drill rig itself.

This Ex d apparatus can be operated in hazardous areas of Group I/IIB T6/T5/T4 environment.

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