L0UA0110  ObelixPLUS HMI Modules

The L0UA01101 IEC Ex d Flameproof Display Module is an industrialised colour display module designed for the rigors of underground mobile mining machinery.

Designed to exacting requirements of IEC 60079.1, this display is designed for world-wide explosive atmosphere regulatory approval allowing it to be installed into any underground environment after certification assessment.

Driven by a low-power 806MHz Marvel CPU complete with 1GB of on-board flash and 8GB of removable flash, the Type L0UA Display is an extremely flexible product that can be customized to suit any remote application.

Fundamental to its design are localised navigation buttons which allow the operator to adjust the view on-demand without having to utilise secondary remote equipment.  This can prove invaluable when commissioning a new installation or fault finding an existing one.


Supply voltage and input signals are connected to the enclosure through Ex d certified cable gland.

The maximum power dissipation shall not exceed 25W.

Maximum voltage and current shall not be able to dissipate more than maximum allowable dissipation of 25W.

Higher current dissipation is only allowed if the power dissipation source is installed in the enclosure as such that the temperature of the polycarbonate lens will not exceed 80°C and the temperature of the enclosure 150°C for group I and 85°C for group IIB at any possible installation position.

Supply voltage is between 6 – 30VDC

Typical supply current 400mA @ 24VDC

Operating ambient temperature -20°C to 40°C

Operating relative humidity 10-90% non condensing

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Typical Application