Intrinsically Safe I/O Ex ib Obelix Modules

The Obelix Mining PLC  I.S. I/O Modules provides intrinsically-safe (Group I Ex ib) input and output resources in a single, compact unit.

Solenoid I/O Generic (Type A) Exib Obelix Module

Part Number: LØLWØ1Ø1

Superseded Solenoid I/O (Type A) Exib Obelix Module

Part Number: LØLW51Ø1


A unique fibre-optic communications interface means that the module, and dedicated IS power supply, can be conveniently segregated into it’s own, isolated zone.

This solution is ideal for mobile mining equipment where limited installation space must be managed.

The fibre-optic link between the module and an Obelix processor module provides real-time control and monitoring of all I/O points.

Line Drawing
Connector Assembly
Fibre Optic Patch ST - ST Multi-Mode