New Data Collector - Orchid

Pempek’s Intelligent Collector Protects Against Data Loss.

Data disconnection? No data lost with the Pempek Orchid unit.

Provides a point of collection from a number of sources

Securely connect to the machine from anywhere

A secure gateway between machine local network and mine network

Collect machine data continuously

Buffer data during mine network outage up to 4 days depending on telemetry loading

Buffered data recovered automatically with Pempek Royce Telemetry & Analytics system. Once reconnected, the collector will feed stored and live data simultaneously

Machine display “remote screen mirroring” (with independent page navigation)

EIP functionality setup

A diagnostic tool useful to validate system setup and health checks

Two isolated network adapters

Processor T30 or iMX6

Software Windows CE or Linux

Polymer or Aluminum Shell Enclosure

Orchid Collector WinCE With Plate Mount

Part Number: L11KØ1Ø1

Orchid Collector WinCE With Plate Mount Suit Daisy Foot Print
Part Number: L11KØ2Ø1

Orchid Collector ObelixPlus With Blade Mount
Part Number: L11KØ3Ø1

Orchid Collector ObelixPlus With Plate Mount
Part Number: L11KØ4Ø1