Obelix Module - Bolting / Canopy Control Station

The L0M10101 series bolter station is an entry level bolting control and monitoring terminal. The L0M10101 provides information to the operator via 4 lines and 40 character text display. Several control buttons allow the operator to select and control different bolting functions. The unit carries intrinsic safety approval for use in underground coal mines.

Obelix Module - Bolting / Canopy Control Station

Part Number: LØM1Ø1Ø1


Basic I.S Bolter Control Station

I.S Design


OblixBus Compatible

Built-in LCD Display (4x40)

Four Bolting Control Buttons

One Mode Switch

Integrated E-Stop Button

Input and Output Resources

ObelixBus (fibre-optic)

4 x Momentary Push Buttons

1 x Selector Switch

1 x E-Stop Button (Latching)

Line Drawing
Typical Application