Obelix Module - Solenoid Driver I/O

L1200301 Obelix Mining PLC module is the combination of a Solenoid Driver, providing controlled  proportional outputs and a Input module, collecting various input monitoring resources. The module is compact and robust designed to be well suited for mobile mining applications.

The industry-standard CAN (Controller Area Network) connection provides a host PLC with the ability to
control and monitor all outputs and input resources.

Solenoid Driver/Inputs Monitoring Obelix Module 
Part Number: L12ØØ3Ø1

Features and Benefits

20 x Digital Inputs (24 VDC)

18 x Analog Inputs (4 -20 mA)

32 x PWM current-controlled proportional outputs (up to 1A continuous rating)

4 x Frequency Counter Inputs (5 kHZ Maximum)

Uniquely Keyed Type A connector to prevent incorrect machine installation

Line Drawing