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Available now from Pempek is the Obelix2 Control System Upgrade

Upgrade immediately – without any machine wiring changes – on any Obelix machine control system

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Pempek a global leader in equipment control, telemetry, hydraulic control, and roof bolting solutions for mining applications.

Pempek designs, manufactures, commissions, services and supports industrial electronic control, telemetry, and automation systems with particular expertise in underground mining including explosive and hazardous area applications.

PEMPEK Obelix Control System Upgrade Obelix2 is Now Available

Improved reliability, safety, compliance, and control system security. Pempek has transported some of the features of its industry-leading new ObelixPLUS control software environment onto our classic Obelix platform.

ROYCE Mining Telemetry and Analytics Increases Productivity

Live, reliable, future-proofed, user-driven reporting, available anywhere.

Lessons learnt guide future fault response!

A vast range of pre-configured reports

Analytics to maximise productivity

Complete Machine Automation and Monitoring, from the mine face to the boardroom

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS is the next generation in the mining control programming environment.

Together with the Obelix family of made for mining components creates the most reliable, safe, and sophisticated mining equipment control system available in the world.

ObelixPlus puts you in control!

For more than 35 years,
Pempek has Led Innovation in Mining Control Systems

Since 1985 Pempek has been successfully developing innovative products for industrial electronic and hydraulic control, telemetry, analytic, and automation systems with particular expertise in underground mining and underground construction including explosive and hazardous area applications.

Pempek provides service and support though its international facilities and authorised distributors in

Australia, China, USA and South Africa

Explosion protected products certified to worldwide standards.

Our Capabilities

Specialist Engineering – Highly Qualified Engineering Team, In Source Automated Manufacturing 2400m2 Facility, RoadMap Supplier – 10 Years + Product Supply Chain Availability, Global Certification – Ex ia/b Product Certification, Auditing to National and International Standards.

News & Product Release

PEMPEK OBELIX Control System Upgrade to OBELIX2

By Marketing | June 14, 2021

Until now users of Pempek’s popular OBELIX control system have had to update Pempek control component hardware firmware by hand using a programming cable and following a complex series of programming steps that have been prone to error. Errors in loading the correct component firmware have been the leading cause of service returns for many…

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New Product Release – L11Y0101 AC Variable Drive Inverter for Battery Control 600VDC 650A 

By Marketing | June 4, 2021

Pempek’s AC Variable Frequency Drive for high-performance control of 600V induction motor in demanding industrial applications. Each single drive module contains a DC link and an inverter. Four quadrant operation with full regeneration: Integrated pre-charging unit Integrated safety relay Isolated CAN interface with CANOpen protocol Two CAN connectors to enable daisy-chaining of bus. Method for…

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Pempek’s Obelix Ex ib Intrinsically Safe I/O Module Range

By Marketing | May 26, 2021

The Obelix Mining PLC I.S. I/O Module provides intrinsically safe (Group I Ex ib) input and output resources in a single, compact unit. A unique fibre-optic communications interface means that the module and dedicated I.S power supply can be conveniently segregated into its isolated zone. The fibre-optic link between the module and an Obelix processor…

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New Resources Available for DC Variable Motor Drives

By Marketing | May 17, 2021

LØMRØ1Ø1 DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW LØMRØ3Ø1 DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW 350V LØMRØ4Ø1 DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 50-kW 600V The L0MR 3-Phase 45kW SCR Drive is a precision drive module designed to support industrial DC drive applications such as Underground mining shuttle cars  without the need for external DC contactors or…

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New Resources Available for AC Variable Motor Drives

By Marketing | May 11, 2021

LØW4Ø1Ø1 AC Variable Frequency Drive 1140V 100 kW – 110/220V Control PS – 110V/220V Relay – 5V Encoder LØW4Ø3Ø1 AC Variable Frequency Drive 1140V 100 kW – 110/220V Control PS – 110V/220V Relay – 15V Encoder LØTJØ5Ø1 AC Variable Frequency Drive 1140V 150kW – 110V/220V Control PS – 110V/220V Relay – 5V Encoder LØTJØ3Ø1 AC…

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Pempek’s New Customer Portal is Here!

By Marketing | March 31, 2021

Access your Orders – Invoices – Service Status and Serial Number History The Pempek customer portal provides our client partners access to a range of detail that delivers immediate answers to common enquiries including Purchase Order Status, Accounts Data including Invoice and Statement download and Service Job status. The customer portal also allows for product lookup by serial…

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