Remote Console Push Button Hand-Held Handset

The L0K60301 is an intrinsically safe (Ex ia) radio control handset providing membrane-style push buttons for radio remote control of mobile mining equipment.

The pancake form factor makes the unit comfortable to hold in both hands, allowing easy access to control buttons from the operator’s left and right thumbs.

Two enable buttons - accessible from the left and right index fingers - support two-handed control of safety-critical functions.

A built-in 2.4-inch color graphics display reports
real-time status feedback from the machine while it is being controlled.

The internal re-chargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of continuous use between re-charge cycles.

An internal motion sensor provides customisable safety shutdown options - such as console drop, console tilt or sudden impact shock.

Pempek’s two-way radio control technology also offers options for collecting and storing machine data while the machine is being contolled.

The data is collected at the end of each shift by the charging station.

Data is then available for machine reporting and performance analytics.

Remote Console Push Button Hand-Held Handset (915 MHz) for Road Headers
Part Number: LØK6Ø3Ø1

Remote Console Push Button Hand-Held Handset (915 MHz) for Continuous Miners
Part Number: LØK6Ø7Ø1

Remote Console Push Button Hand-Held Handset (915 MHz) for Bolter Miners
Part Number: LØK61ØØ1

Remote Console Push Button Hand-Held Handset (EOL) Console Miner
Part Number: LØK613Ø1


Industrial Intrinsically Safe Remote Console

Exia / ATEX / MSHA Approved

12 Dual Function Mil-STD Toggle Switches

Up to 40 Multi-Purpose Functions

Integral LED Matrix Display

Integral Rechargeable Battery

Embedded Industrial Micro-controller

Low Power PIC Controller

Integral Flash / RAM

Advanced Monitoring Software

Narrow Band VHF/UHF

8/16 Channels @ 25KHz Spacing

CCITT CRC Data Protection

FSK Frequency Modulated

VHF & UHF Bands

Up to 100m line-of-sight range.

Operates Minus 10°C to +55°C

All industrial components

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Fully Self Contained IP67 Rating

Stainless Steel Engraved Fascia

Stainless Steel Switch Guard

Internal Antenna

Leather Bound Protective Case

Rugged Construction

Typical Application
System Integration